Which SIP gateways can I use to connect TRBOnet to an Analogue PBX?

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The first requirement for the selection of the SIP gateway is to determine if the Analogue PBX interface uses FXO or FXS.  If both interfaces are used, then the second requirement is to determine how many FXO or FXS interfaces are used by the phone lines in order to match the number of FXO and FXS lines supported by the VoIP Gateway.

TRBOnet's VoIP gateway requirement is as follows: compatible with Telephony devices that support SIP 2.0 protocol and allows registration of external SIP extensions or SIP Trunks for 3rd party device or Software.

TRBOnet connects to the SIP gateway, which is connected to the Analogue PBX, in the same manner as any other Digital SIP client.  For example, if the freeware application PhonerLite connects successfully to the SIP gateway and can send\receive calls from the Analogue PBX, then TRBOnet should also work.

At TRBOnet, we have successfully configured Yeaster VoIP gateways (for example, TA800\FXS, TA810\FXO), D-Link DVG-6008S, and Planet VIP-480FD (no longer in production).
If it is not possible to obtain the above listed devices, make sure that the VoIP gateway you choose is compliant with the requirements described in first part of this article.
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