How to troubleshoot Location trigger state

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There is a list of Location trigger statuses which is hidden by default.
You can use them to find out the current trigger status info for individual radio.

How to access the Location trigger status information

The statuses can be viewed in TRBOnet Dispatch Console adding the "Location Error" column to the "Registered Radios" list:
    1. Access the "Registered Radios" list (Administration -> Radios)
    2. Right click on any Column in the list, select "Column Chooser" from the drop down list.

    3. From the "Customization" menu, select and drag the "Location Error" column to the desired column position on the column ribbon.
Now you have the information about possible location errors for individual radio.

The column will be cleared after successful Location Trigger answer with all requested information.

The Location Trigger status meaning

Message Meaning Recommendation
The Provider is unable to Provide Required information Radio cannot provide location information requested in a trigger Put a radio outside of the building, reduce the trigger request to Lat\Lon.
Note that each additional outdoor information (speed, direction etc.) requires additional GPS satellites in range.
No data from trigger Radio cannot provide any location information, no GPS fix Put a radio outside of the building.
Protocol Element not Supported Trigger requests information a Radio cannot provide Do not request GPIO information from radios not connected to Telemetry cable.
Do not request Indoor information from non Indoor capable radios.
The operation has been canceled by the user Trigger was changed by the Dispatcher with access to location trigger settings (Administrator) or reset (permission), the trigger reset process has been started but did not finish Wait for a trigger reset. If the message does not change, try to reset trigger again.
 Periodic Trigger\Emergency Trigger etc. The type of Location Trigger  N/A 

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