RAS support in TRBOnet

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Restricted Access to System (RAS) is an Enhanced security feature that is used to provide additional protection of data within the system.

If the RAS policy is enabled in both the repeater(s) and radios, then changes need to be applied manually in TRBOnet Server (and in TRBOnet Watch if Watch used for system with RAS) configuration file.

Configure in MOTOTRBO CPS

  1. Verify that the RAS policy is enabled in Repeater(s) codeplug(s)

  2. Verify that the RAS policy is also enabled in the radio(s) codeplug(s) (with the same Authentication Key Value)

Change TRBOnet Enterprise/Plus or Watch config files

  1. Stop TRBOnet (Watch) Service;
  2. Close TRBOnet (Watch) Server Configurator window;
  3. Open TRBOnet Server config file (C:\ProgramData\Neocom Software\TRBOnet.Enterprise\TRBOnet.Enterprise.Server.config
    ) using a text editor (notepad).
    Open Watch Server config file (C:\ProgramData\Neocom Software\TRBOnet.Watch\TRBOnet.Watch.Server.config) using a text editor (notepad).
  4. Locate the line with the text <ControlCRC>True</ControlCRC> and change it to <ControlCRC>False</ControlCRC>;
  5. Open TRBOnet (Watch) Server Configurator and restart it.
  6. Save the file
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