How to customize default SIP Sound Announcements

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Yes it is possible, however you'll need a 3rd party software to edit the .WAV files.

The .WAV files (such as RingTone) are located in a File Explorer folder making it possible to customize them.

Please follow the steps below:
    1. Save a backup of the original .WAV files that you are going to edit.
    Files location for TRBOnet Enterprise:C:\ProgramData\Neocom Software\TRBOnet.Enterprise\SIP
    Files location for TRBOnet PLUS:C:\ProgramData\Neocom Software\TRBOnet Plus\SIP
    2. Use any Audio editor to change the preferences of the .WAV file (peak, volume, fade etc.)
    3. Save the edited file with a .WAV extension.
    4. Stop the TRBOnet server service and close TRBOnet Console.
    Versions 6.2 and newer:
    Place custom audio files to the "Custom" folder :
    C:\ProgramData\Neocom Software\TRBOnet.Enterprise\SIP\Custom(file must be decoded with PCM / 8000khz codec and has the same name as the original audio file).

    Versions prior to 6.2:

    Replace the original audio files with your edited .WAV file or any other file you choose (file must be decoded with PCM / 8000khz codec and has the same name as the original audio file).
    6. Start TRBOnet Enterprise server service.
Examples of edited .WAV files are attached (Volume changed to 50% and 25% of the original value).
You may use the example files after renaming them to the original files names
(For example, rename RingTone 20%.wav to RingTone.wav etc.).
Additionally, TRBOnet, starting with version has two additional files named "Ringing" and "RingingOffline" located in the folders below.  These audio files can also be modified and customized for TRBOnet's "Telephony" interface.
For TRBOnet Enterprise:C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Neocom Software\TRBOnet.Enterprise\Sounds
For TRBOnet Plus:C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Neocom Software\TRBOnet Plus\Sounds
For the above pathnames, substitute <USER> with the current User.
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