TRBO.SOS Network operation details

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Local Port consumption on the TRBOnet Computer where the TRBO.SOS
Client is connected

    Connection port / Protocol - "PTT over Cellular" / UDP (Default 5070)

    VoIP Port / Protocol - "First VoIP port" / UDP (Recommended start 20000) +1 VoIP port for Voice transmission +1 for attachment transfer
    If "First VoIP port field set as "Default", pool of ports is taken from "Network -> First VoIP port"

    E.G. 1 TRBO.SOS Client consumes 3 UDP ports on TRBOnet Computer

    Data port / Protocol - "First VoIP port" / "Data Protocol" (Start data protocol TCP MUST be changed to UDP)

Network requirements:

Calculation of outgoing voice traffic from TRBO.SOS Client to TRBOnet Server

Bandwidth Kbps = (* 2 + 5Kbps) * Y
Where N is the bit rate for the type of Codec used:

CODEC Bit Rate (Kbps)
OPUS/16000 16
Where is the amount of ALL TRBO.SOS clients

Example calculation for 1 TRBO.SOS Client of required outgoing bandwidth with OPUS/16000 codec:
(16Kbps * 2 + 5Kbps) * = 37 Kbps

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