CAP+ (LCP) with Swift Agent Architecture

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The main advice is to have Swift Agents separated from a CAP+ system.

This is a note from Motorola System Planner (it is for LCP, however it is true for CAP+ too):
"A Capacity Plus Multi Site repeater uses IP Limited Broadcast Address ( to
distribute a message to all the repeaters at a site. The broadcast messages may have some
adverse effects on the other devices present on the LAN."

And this is our interpretation of this note:
Rest Channel sends ARP broadcast packet in scope of which it notifies about movements between Master and Peer and changes MAC address of all Network members to its own for future interactions.
Swift Agent placed inside this site receives this ARP packet and while trying to interact with Agent - answers to IP address of Rest Channel, which breaks data routing.

To avoid this:

1. You need a Router.
2. Connect your LAN to Router WAN port.
3. Connect Swift Agents to LAN ports of Router.
4. Create a port forwarding rules to readdress all WAN requests to router to LAN addresses and ports of Swift Agents (TCP/UDP).

You can't change 8002 port for Swift Agent connection.
To route requests you may use the following workaround.

In port forwarding rules for Each Swift Agents, make port readdress:

Example: you have a Swift Agent A, port 8002 and Swift Agent B, port 8002
WAN address of Router is

Create a rule to Readdress Requests to (WAN address of Router) and any free port (for example port 58564) to port 8002 and (WAN address of Router) and another free port (for example 58565) to port 8002, so you'll have two rules:

1. ->
2. ->

In TRBOnet add WAN address of router and Ports from pot forwarding rule instead of LAN addresses of Agents.
According to upper text your Swift agents in TRBOnet will look like this
Swift Agent A, Address, Port:58564
Swift agent B, Address, Port:58565

Note that Swift Agents can't work with CAP+ Repeaters with Data Revert channels, if your CAP+ channels are Voice channels - it is OK.

Doing that, CAP+ Rest channel announcements won't interfere with Swift Agents.


After configuration you'll have 2 separated Network sites:
1. Corporate Network with TRBOnet Server PC and Capacity Plus Repeaters
2. Isolated Network with Swift Agents.

If you want to configure Swift Agents behind a router.

For Swift Agent A001\A002 - Create additional port forwarding rule on Router to readdress port 3836 from WAN to LAN address of Swift Agent.

Drawback there is that such rule can work only for one Agent at a time, because in Swift Manager you can't specify port connection so you can't, let's say readdress 5000 to 3836, it is always asks for 3836. So to manage each agent you'll need to change port forwarding rule each time you want to connect to another Swift Agent.
Swift Agents A100\A200 are programmed using same 8002 connection port.
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