How to add custom Geocoding service to Web Console

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It is possible to add a Custom Geocoding Service used in TRBOnet Server and Dispatch Console to a Web Console.

How to add Custom Geocoding Service to Web Console

1. Stop IIS Service.

2. Browse to the Web Console files folder, default is: C:\inetpub\WEB_CONSOLE_FILES_FOLDER
3. Edit file: Web.config
4. Find the lines:
<add key="UrlGetStreetNameCustom" value="" />
<add key="UrlGetCoordinatesCustom" value="" />

5. Input Custom Geocoding address between the quotation marks, example:
<add key="UrlGetStreetNameCustom" value="http://GEOCODING_SERVICE_ADDRESS/reverse?format=xml&amp;lat={lat}&amp;lon={lon}&amp;zoom=18"/>
<add key="UrlGetCoordinatesCustom" value="http://GEOCODING_SERVICE_ADDRESS/search?q={address}&amp;format=xml"/>

"UrlGetStreetNameCustom" - is the Get Address by Coordinates setting
"UrlGetCoordinatesCustom" - is the Get Coordinates by Address setting

There is a difference between syntax of Custom Geocoding in TRBOnet Server and Web Console

Example of Custom Geocoding Service address in TRBOnet Server configuration:

urlGetStreetName="http: //GEOCODING_SERVICE_ADDRESS/reverse?format=xml&lat={lat}&lon={lon}&zoom=18"
urlGetCoordinates="http: //GEOCODING_SERVICE_ADDRESS/search?q={address}&format=xml"

Example of Nominatim Geocoding Service address in Web Console configuration:

<add key="UrlGetStreetNameCustom" value="http: //GEOCODING_SERVICE_ADDRESS/reverse?format=xml&amp;lat={lat}&amp;lon={lon}&amp;zoom=18" />
<add key="UrlGetCoordinatesCustom" value="http: //GEOCODING_SERVICE_ADDRESS/search?q={address}&amp;format=xml"/>

Difference is "&amp;" is in Bold.

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