Silent mode deployment

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Current TRBOnet versions support Silent installation and contain .msi package for centralized deployment solutions.
This article describes the syntax for silent install, extract of .msi package from .exe file and different installation options.

    1. Access Command Prompt (CMD) with Administrator privileges.
    2. Set Catalogue to the .exe file location  with cd c:\ command (In this article, .exe installation package is located in the root of Disk C).
    3. Input .exe file name and add required command.

    List of commands covered by this article:

    - extract .exe file contents to <folder>. Provides access to .msi installer package within extracted files. Create destination folder beforehand.

    - install TRBOnet Dispatch Console and TRBOnet One Console in "silent mode".

    installlevel=100 /qn
    - install TRBOnet Software Agent + TRBOnet Server + TRBOnet Dispatch Console + TRBOnet One console in "silent mode".

    Syntax Example

    installlevel=49 /qn
    - Install TRBOnet Server + Dispatch Console in "silent mode".

    installlevel=20 /qn
    - install TRBOnet Dispatch Console + TRBOnet One console in "silent mode".
    3. .msi package can be used afterwards with centralized deployment solution. Same commands available for .exe package applicable to .msi package.
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