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Repeater state

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TRBOnet Watch allows to see repeater operating state. All states are read only, but "Enabled/Disabled".

To see and modify Repeaters' state go to Live Monitor (1) -> Diagnostics (2)- > State column (3):

All available repeaters states' description represented below:

Enable – Repeater is allowed to perform TX, RX, or repeat operations.
Disable – Repeater does not perform TX, RX or repeat operations.
For analog and digital mode, a value "0" or "1" is applicable.

Knockdown – Repeater does not repeat received signals but is controlled for RX and TX through an external box.
Repeat – Repeater repeats received signals for transmission.

For analog mode, a value "0" or "1" is applicable.
For digital mode, only a value "1" is applicable.

Locked – Repeater is in a failure mode; TX, RX and / or repeat capabilities have failed.
Unlocked – Repeater is operating normally; there is no failure.

For analog and digital mode, a value "0" or "1" is applicable.

Normal Repeat – Repeater is in normal mode of TX, RX, or repeat operations and is currently performing one of the operations.
Hibernate Repeat – Repeater is in idle mode. Repeater is capable of TX, RX and repeat operations but no operation is currently being performed by the repeater.

Hibernation is the Repeater state when it is not receiving or Transmitting Voice or Data calls.
Repeater enters Hibernate state, when SIT (Subscriber Inactivity Timer) depletes, and leaves the state when detects transmission related to system operation on Rx interface.
Default SIT is 6000 milliseconds, can be changed from 1000 до 7000 milliseconds.

Before making a decision of SIT timer change, please read the feature explanation in Motorola CPS.
It is not advised to change SIT shorter than Call Hang time on radios, otherwise Repeater will drop transmission earlier than Subscriber Radio.

In CapacityMax and Connect Plus systems, Repeater with Control channel never goes to Hibernation state.

In Capacity Plus Single Site and Capacity Plus Multi Site systems,Rest Channel transmissions sends the Beacon information, however this does not change the Hibernation state on Repeater.
Beacon information - is an RF signal for Subscriber Radios, which indicates a Rest Channel location. Subscriber Radios also use it to check RSSI signal strength and making a Roaming decision.
Beacon information is sent even if there is only one Repeater in system.

For analog mode, only a value "0" is applicable.
For digital mode, a value "0" or "1" is applicable.

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