"Sync Undetect" and "Race condition Failure" messages

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TRBOnet summary explanation:
  • “Sync Undetect”: this is not a DMR data burst it is transferred via LAN Network without Radio Network utilization. "Sync Undetect" is a message Watch PC receive from Repeater and shows in Watch Console interface. We added this message to Watch in scope of Motorola technical documentation and we don't have complete explanation of this message meaning.
  • "Race condition Failure" means that two subscriber radios tried to establish communication in the same time. One of them succeed and second failed.

MOTOROLA's detailed explanation:
  • “Sync Undetect”: When a transmitting radio travels out of range, the repeater is unable to receive the radio's transmission, and the call has not ended, the repeater will send the “Sync Undetect” message to other peers in the IPSC wide area slot to inform them the ongoing call can be "terminated". The message does not indicate that there is a system fault; the system is operating correctly.
  • "Race condition Failure": The Call Setup request is rejected during Arbitration.

Based on the above scenario, it is normal if this message is seen occasionally; for example, once every 10 minutes.
However, if this message is seen more often, the recommendation is to contact Motorola for assistance.
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