How to get the Hardware ID

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Hardware ID uniquely identifies a computer and is used by TRBOnet team to generate a license.

There are two methods for getting a PC's Hardware ID. First method requires launching TRBOnet Server Configurator, the other one uses a separate tool to get the Hardware ID.

The first method: 

1. Open TRBOnet Server Configurator using the shortcut on your desktop or navigate to Start -> All Programs -> Neocom Software -> TRBOnet.Enterprise -> Server to locate the program.
2. Once the windows is opened, navigate to License in the Configuration pane, then click on the Copy to clipboard button on the bottom right corner of the License pane.
Paste the information into any text document (for example, your email body) and send it to the TRBOnet team.

The second method:

Download the TRBOnet.HardwareGenerator tool:
Then, extract the TRBOnet.HardwareGenerator tool to the selected directory on the PC and double-click on the TRBOnet.HardwareGenerator tool shortcut.
The TRBOnet.HardwareGenerator tool automatically creates your Hardware ID. Copy and paste the data to any text document (e.g. email) and send it to the TRBOnet team.

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