TRBOnet and MNIS on different Computers

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    1. Install MNIS and configure it to connect to the MOTOTRBO system.
    2. Enable "IP routing in Windows" at the Computer where the MNIS is installed
Go to Start and search for cmd or command.
Right click on either cmd or command then select Run as administrator.
At the command prompt type regedit.
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Services\Tcpip\Parameters
Locate the IPEnableRouter setting, right click on it and select Modify.
Change the 0 to a 1 and exit the editor.
    3. Enable service "Routing and Remote Access"
After exiting regedit and back at the command prompt, type services.msc and navigate to the Routing and Remote Access service.
Right click and select Properties.
Change to Automatic then click on Start to start the service.

    4. In TRBOnet Server Configurator, MNIS DATA service section (right pane), untick "Service is on a local host" and specify the IP address of the Computer with the MNIS. On the example it is

    5. Option for Manual Port Forwarding Rule configuration in MNIS
    In the TRBOnet Server, in the Advanced settings pane to the right, tick the following two options, "Add network routes to the Windows Routing table"
How to configure Data forwarding rules to a single or several Servers.
On the example figure below (MNIS Port Forwarding Rules), TMS and Location UDP ports are forwarded to IP addresses and respectively.
Which means the Data will be forwarded to the computers with specified IP addresses where TRBonet is installed.
Text messages (4007) to, Location Data (4001) to

    6. If there are NO forwarding rules added to the MNIS configuration, in the TRBOnet Server, in the Advanced settings pane to the right, tick all the following three options, "Add port forwarding rules to the remote MNIS service"

    7. Example of the Route Table on the Computer with the TRBOnet

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