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TRBOnet version 5.3 moved from direct map services support to WMS\WMTS support due to previously added services components incompatibility with x64 architecture and obsolesce​.
If you had one of the maps services that were represented in versions before 5.3 and want to to use them in current and future versions, it is possible to deploy them on dedicated Web Map Service server ("Geoserver", for example) or Web Map Tile Service Server.

WMS\WMTS option requires additional feature in TRBOnet license.

For WMS Server to operate with TRBOnet Enterprise\Plus the EPSG:900913 projection should be enabled on WMS Server.

Below is the list of map services unavailable for direct support in 5.3:
  • GIS "Panorama"
Can be replaced with Open GIS WebService compatible with WMS servers Info Link
  • Microsoft MapPoint
MapPoint is obsolete, according to Microsoft recommendations it is advised to use Bing Info Link
  • TatukGis \ Franson
Raster formats and can be replaced with Custom TRBOnet map KB article
  • Ingit 
Obsolete, however still might be added to WMS (Ingit support team involvement might be required).

After WMS\WMTS server configuration and desired map service adding - it can be added to TRBOnet console:

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