Backup folder cleanup

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Backup archives with data or audios or both are not being removed from the Backups folder by our software.
In case you prefer to remove archives with backups which are not relevant anymore on regular basis, we recommend to use Windows Task Scheduler.
This feature allows to perform basic automation of day-by-day tasks.
Please find below step-by-step guidance to enable automated backup folder cleanup.
    1. Download BackupCleanup.bat file from the attachment. In case Backup folder is other from default one - open this file in Notepad and replace path to the backup folder with your custom one:

    The amount of days might be changed as well by replacing value after "/d" parameter.
    2. Open the Task Scheduler application (Win+R and command taskchd.msc) and select Action -> Create Basic Task:

    3. Enter the task name and press Next:

    4. Select Daily task start and press Next:

    5. Fill in recurrence settings and press Next:

    6. Select Start a Program as an Action and press Next:

    7. Browse for the BAT file from 1st step and press Next:

    8. The newly created task will appear in Task Scheduler library:

    9. Make sure the task has highest privileges and running whether user is logged on or not by double-clicking on it in Task Scheduler Library:

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