How to reset admin password

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5.2 and later

    1. In the Configuration pane, select Advanced Settings.
    2. Click the link "Reset password" to reset the administrator password to the default value (admin / admin).
    3. Click "Apply" or "Save changes and restart service".

Versions before 5.2

    1. Stop the TRBOnet Server service by clicking on the link Stop service.
    2. Close the TRBOnet Server (Radio Server configurator) software.
    3. Locate the TRBOnet server configuration file "TRBOnet.Enterprise.Server.config" in the following directory %ProgramData%\Neocom Software\TRBOnet.Enterprise\
The file is located in ProgramData, not in Program Files. ProgramData is a hidden Windows folder. If it is not visible in the File Explorer window, navigate to it in manually.
    4. Use Notepad to open the TRBOnet server configuration file "TRBOnet.Enterprise.Server.config" then find and delete the line containing the text "CustomInfo".
    The line should look like "<CustomInfo>40E07B03ADDBC7C8</CustomInfo>".
    5. Save the changes and close the file.
    6. Launch (open) the TRBOnet Server and start the Server service by clicking on the Start service.
    7. The admin password is now set to the default value, which is "admin".
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