When does a license become invalid?

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1. A virtual machine Hardware ID has been changed.

To prevent Hardware ID from changing, do the following:
  • Disable Windows Update service on the Virtual host and Virtual Environment;
In the following cases, as the Hardware ID may change, send an email before the change.
  • If critical updates to the Virtual environment are to be installed, install them manually, or, after an automatic update is complete, disable automatic Windows Update again;
  • Updates or upgrades to the Virtual host;
  • Changes to resource allocation on Virtual environment.
2. The PC with TRBOnet has joined to a directory service (for example, Active Directory Domain Services).
To prevent a Hardware ID from changing, do the following:

Exclude the PC from the Corporate Domain structure (Active Directory).

3. Changing the PC's time (system time, time-zone) and date.
4. Installing Major Windows OS upgrades (for example, from Windows 7/8 to 10).
5. Reinstalling Windows.
6. Replacing hardware components (namely a motherboard, HDD\SSD, network interface card, CPU, etc.)
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