How to add an analog Control station to TRBOnet Watch

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    1. Make sure you have Radio system working in analog mode;
    2. Connect Swift.Agent to Control station using data cable, to your network using LAN cable.
    Connection/Disconnection of Control station to Swift Agent via Data Cable should be performed on Switched OFF Radio station only!

    PIN configuration in CPS of Control Station must be the same as on screenshot:

    Agent device appears in Swift Manager device list after plugging it into LAN network.

    3. Make sure that Agent device is working in Analog mode. If not - update firmware to Analog mode.

    PIN settings in Swift Manager must be the same level as in CPS (low):
    4. Add Swift.Agent to Watch server using it's IP address and port, Test button should work properly.
Voice playback is available in TRBOnet Watch.
    1. Check whether your Watch License Allows Voice recording
    2. Connect Analog Control station to Swift Agent and add Swift Agent to TRBOnet Watch as described above.
    3. Launch Watch console, you should be able to see activity in Radio system. All voice sessions are recording by default, and you can Playback them.

    3.1 Choose Voice session.
    3.2 Press "Play"
    3.3 Sound player appears and you can listen recorded audio sessions.
    3.4 You also should see the sound animation marked with number 4 on screenshot.

Additional information:

Connection scheme between Agent device and DM4400:

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