Caching online maps in TRBOnet and transfering this cache to another PC

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You can download desired map using TRBOnet PC with Internet and then copy it to TRBOnet PC without Internet.

Screenshots 1 and 2 shows how to do that.
    1. Go to GPS positioning and choose map you want to download.

    Then go to Map -> Save online map data. Choose zoom level you want and click start.
    If you want to have zoom option on offline PC, you need to download map tiles for each zoom level you want.
    2. Go to GPS positioning -> Map -> Map content and find where tiles were saved.

    You can change destination folder. After tiles download, find same folder on target PC and copy all tiles there.
If you want to use TRBOnet Dispatch map cache in TRBOnet Watch, put MAPNIK folder content to "WebMap\1\1\cache" folder.
Default paths are:
TRBOnet Dispatch Console:
TRBOnet Watch Console:

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