26 Sep 2017

Watch 3.0: Available Now

Essential System Information is Just a Click Away

You may have already played with the Mobile Client for TRBOnet Enterprise, an application that turns your mobile phone into a PTT device. Now we have released new software for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that shows you the system health status and the most important traffic information. The applications can be downloaded from official stores, the links can be found on the TRBOnet Watch page. Feel free to download the trial version of the application that supports up to 5 mobile client connections.

Other remarkable features include:

  • TRBOnet Enterprise or Plus on Linked Capacity Plus or Capacity Max can now share GPS data with Watch 3.0 connected to the same system. This enables Watch to create coverage maps and GPS reports that were unavailable for these types of MOTOTRBO networks before.
  • Support for user accounts.
  • The new Concurrency Report that shows the number of busy channels at any moment. The idea of this useful report was proposed by our long-term dealer in the UK, for which we are very grateful to them.

Please note the Voice Recording feature is no longer supported by TRBOnet Watch. If you need a standalone voice recording solution, please take a look at TRBOnet Voice Recorder

Another important note: license keys for Watch 2.5 and older are incompatible with Watch 3.0. Please contact our sales team if you'd like to have your license renewed.

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