Fast Response Time to Emergency Situations

Public Safety

Public Safety
TRBOnet 911 Call center based on TRBOnet Enterprise or PLUS radio dispatch solutions gives operators the ability to manage multiple calls at the same time, put active phone calls on hold or forward them to other dispatchers, phones, radio groups or an individual radio. The complete telephony functionality including conference calls and call forwarding can help the staff communicate more efficiently and contribute in faster problem resolution. Built-in intercom enables multiple dispatchers communication with one another using Voice over IP (VoIP) rather than radio channels.

TRBOnet provides continuous unlimited recording of phone and radio communications including private calls and text messages with a detailed history of all user calls and even has a search mechanism.

The Telephone Interconnect provides seamless integration of a radio network with a telephone system. This is especially valuable when it is crucial to contact people outside the radio network in case the network is down.

The Event/Alarm Management feature helps you automate the response to emergencies based upon a predefined set of rules. Together with built-it radio logic it becomes a reliable and life-saving tool for personnel working in dangerous conditions. Being able to track radios via GPS allows for quick plans of action and better response times.

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