Resource Management and Asset Security


Utility companies count on radio communications to deliver services to communities. Organizations that are responsible for providing electricity, water, gas and telecommunications services need a communication system that allows them to carry out their operations with maximum efficiency so that interruptions to critical public services are minimized. Control room staff and dispatch operators need to communicate with operations and maintenance staff, supervisors, and emergency teams in the field. One of the biggest challenges for utility companies is the necessity to maintain their infrastructure that is often spread over a wide geographical area and includes remote sites.

A list of utility companies includes, but not limited to, the following types of business activities:
  • Electricity providers
  • Water utilities
  • Gas suppliers
  • Telecommunication services
  • Nuclear energy

Needs & Challenges

As stated above, one of the challenges most utility companies are faced with is geographically dispersed infrastructure that needs to be maintained and upgraded. The implication is that control room operators have to manage available resources carefully and be prepared to respond to emergency situations.

Other challenges include:
  • Safety risks in remote areas, since substantial part of employees are field based
  • Management of assets' location and status
  • Customer satisfaction with utility services


TRBOnet Enterprise and Plus Location Positioning feature allows you to know the exact location of employees, whereas TRBOnet Watch gives you the possibility to control all the IP elements of your system. These software solutions provide big data analysis capability to identify ongoing communication issues.   

If a field worker is in danger, he can press the emergency call button on his portable radio to immediately alert the dispatcher. In case the radio user is unable to manually call for help, automated safety features like Man Down or Lone Worker will immediately send an alarm to the control room.

The Mobile Client application and Phone Interconnect feature provide office employees with access to the radio network so that they can stay connected with the field workers even without portable radio.

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