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TRBOnet Mobile is an application for Android and iOS devices that extends MOTOTRBO to tablets and smartphones. It works like a normal radio and delivers the most important information to the user device
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Mobile Client

Mobile Client
TRBOnet Mobile Client for Android and iOS
TRBOnet Mobile Client is a feature-rich push-to-talk application for Android and iOS that extends MOTOTRBO to smartphones and tablets. It works like a traditional console with the PTT capability and delivers essential information to the user's Android or iOS device. The solution provides full integration of smartphones with MOTOTRBO radios over 3G. 4G or Wi-Fi.

If you use TRBOnet Enterprise or Plus 5.2.5 or newer please download the latest update from Google Play or AppStore. If you want to install the mobile client on an Android smartphone to work with version 5.2 or older, download the apk file here. Please remember that the latest mobile client software is not compatible with Enterprise or Plus 5.2 or older.

TRBOnet Mobile 2.0 for Enterprise/Plus 5.2.5 or newer

TRBOnet Mobile Client for Android   Apk Button   TRBOnet Mobile Client for iOS


  • Overview
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Make Your Smartphone MOTOTRBO-Compatible

The software enables your smart device to talk to MOTOTRBO radio users, talk groups and dispatchers. The Mobile Client application with the software PTT button allows for radio-style communication. The software supports the following features:

  • Group and private calls,
  • Emergency calls,
  • Text messages (both group and private),
  • Dispatcher intercom,
  • Online location and maps,
  • Job Ticketing.
TRBOnet Mobile Client for MOTOTRBO      TRBOnet Mobile Client for MOTOTRBO      TRBOnet Mobile Client for MOTOTRBO      TRBOnet Mobile Client for MOTOTRBO

Supported Devices with the Dedicated PTT Button

Telo, models TE390, TE580, TE590, TELO M5
Cat, models S30, S40, S60, S31, S41, S61
Cyrus, CS22, CS24, CS28, CS40, CS45
Sonim, models XP7700, XP6700, XP5700, Smart-Ex 01
Motorola, models LEX F10, LEX L10ig, LEX L10i, LEX L11
Kyocera, models E6810, E6820, E6830, E6782, E6715, E6790, E6790TM
Bittium, model Bittium Tough Mobile
Zebra, models TC20, TC25, TC57, TC75, TC77

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