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Mining companies have to manage a lot of mission-critical processes. Safe and productive operations in remote and underground environments require a reliable communication system, while being able to react quickly to emergencies is crucial.

Many mines still use legacy radio systems. In some countries there is a requirement for interoperability with existing analog radio networks. SWIFT IP Gateways enable smooth analog to digital migration and can support both digital and legacy systems during the entire transition period.

You may want to track your assets inside a mine where the GPS service may not be available. TRBOnet Enterprise /Plus is fully compatible with Indoor Tracking solutions based on iBeacons or K-TERM beacons.

The Telemetry module triggers different types of alerts on alarms sent by sensors installed in the mine. The dispatcher is able to send a telemetry command from the console to a remote location to open or close gates, activate elevators or set off an alarm.

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