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Needs & Challenges

  • Managing a large fleet of vehicles
  • Assigning individual routes to each driver
  • Part of the route can be outside the coverage area
  • Speed limits (low and/or high thresholds)
  • Automatic channel change is required when the vehicle enters certain areas
  • Personal safety


Advanced radio logic implemented in TRBOnet Software for Option Boards can control the speed of the vehicle. You may want to set the minimum speed for each truck moving in a dangerous zone, or the maximum speed threshold for those carrying hazardous goods.The embedded alarm control system will warn the driver if it moves too fast or too slowly, and will also send an alert to the dispatcher. 

The Geofencing module enables the dispatcher to track vehicles and people on the map and control their speed and location. The system can automatically detect high speed or any diversion from the assigned route (Route Geofencing).

When working with multiple radio channels in different areas it is crucial to switch channels at the right time to stay connected. With the TRBOnet Georoaming feature, the radio will switch the channel automatically when the vehicle enters a designated area..

Some vehicles can also transmit telemetry information, such as fuel usage, engine temperature etc., via a radio modem by Neocom connected to a CAN LOG gateway to the control room. 

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