Watch Mobile App

Watch Mobile App
Watch Mobile App
The application can be installed on Android or iOS devices. It is connected to the Watch server using WiFi or data services. The application shows all the essential information about the radio system and notifies of any issues.

Download Watch Mobile 4.0 for Watch 4.0 or newer

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System Alerts On the Go

The Watch Mobile App keeps you informed about your system status and alerts, wherever you have mobile coverage. Based on your Watch settings, the application can receive notifications for various events related to the radio system and the Watch server. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, the Watch Mobile App supports the following features:

  • System status
  • RDAC alerts
  • CPU, disk and database usage alerts
  • Push notifications
  • Quick statistics

Watch Mobile: Statistics      Watch Mobile: Diagnostics      Watch Mobile: System View      Watch Mobile: Alarms

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