Safety Matters

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Needs and Challenges

  • Safety risks in a hazardous environment
  • In case of emergency the dispatcher must know locations of field radio users
  • Automated response to emergency situations is required
  • Access to specific areas must be restricted 


TRBOnet Enterprise and Plus allow for better situational awareness and safety in order to prevent emergencies and provide a safer work environment for personnel. It also helps assign tasks to employees via Job Ticketing and use telemetry to send and receive information from remote sensors.

The advanced Alarm Management system is designed for automated responses to alarms. This module can listen to multiple alarms coming from both the radio network or from third-party software and hardware, such as fire alarm panels, and trigger one or more actions (outputs). 

Man Down and No Movement alerts can be configured for each radio using Generic Option Boards by Motorola with TRBOnet software for option boards. Using the configuration tool, you can easily set radio orientation tilt and acceleration thresholds. If these thresholds are exceeded, the radio will automatically transmit an emergency alert to notify the control room that the worker is in distress.

The Radio Allocation feature, including but not limited to Sign-In/Sign-Out, allows the dispatcher to know who exactly carries a particular radio at any given time.

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