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TRBOnet delivers five star service for the hospitality industry.

Seamless communication takes customer experience to new heights.

TRBOnet provides high quality voice communications for faster task assignments and management. Voice recording is available for service quality assessment and training purposes.

TRBOnet Job Ticketing allows you to create, assign and track individual or group job tickets through the radio network. The system allows you to generate reports on job statuses or staff workload and also work with various tasks at the same time.

HotSOS integration with the existing systems is an important point to use the radios as a main part of daily operations.

TRBOnet is scalable and can be built for specific customerneeds – Casino, Housekeeping, Restaurants etc. GPS capabilities enable a real-time tracking of arriving and departing tourist vehicles. This helps to control stops, parking and driving times as well as route supervision.Various reports can be generated on guest transportation and logistics.

With TRBOnet Indoor tracking technology a radios location can be tracked inside a building or cruise ship, especially important in zones of high threats in order to prevent and resolve emergencies.


  • Alarm Management
  • Indoor Positioning
  • Mobile Client
  • Job Ticketing

Automated Response System

Alarm Management for MOTOTRBO radio networks is a purchasable module for TRBOnet Enterprise and TRBOnet Plus. This system allows you

  • to select event types and event sources you would like to track,
  • to define trigger conditions,
  • to configure one or several response actions.
The Alarm Management high-level diagram shows available event sources and response targets.The choice of event sources is not restricted to your MOTOTRBO radio network, such as radio calls or text messages. Your TRBOnet Server is able to receive and react to information from third-party software and hardware. TRBOnet can be integrated with many enterprise operations management system that can feed essential data into TRBOnet via TCP/IP or a serial port. The application supports a number of protocols including Modbus, RS232 and ESPA 4.4.4. The diagram below shows how an alarm control panel can be connected to TRBOnet using Moxa devices.

TRBOnet Alarm Control System for MOTOTRBO
In such layouts, TRBOnet Server parses incoming messages for configurable regular expressions (text patterns) and triggers the rules as necessary, as shown in the below scheme.

TRBOnet Event Management for MOTOTRBO

Other Event Sources 

  • Emergency call
  • Geofencing alarm
  • Radio state (on/off)
  • Specific text in a text message or an email
  • Telemetry
  • DTMF sequence
  • Lone Worker alert

Configurable Actions

TRBOnet provides a wide choice of response actions. The target outputs include but not limited to the following actions

  • Visible and audible alarm in TRBOnet Dispatch Console
  • An outgoing email to specific addresses
  • Automatic Job Ticket
  • Radio lock (the user won't be able to use it before the dispatcher enables it)
  • System Bridge (TRBOnet automatically patches two or more radio channels)
  • A radio call with a pre-recorded voice message
  • Text to Speech radio or phone call
  • Telecommand
The full list of response actions is as follows

Alarm Management for Mototrbo

Supported Devices with the Dedicated PTT Button

Telo, models TE390, TE580, TE590, TELO M5
Cat, models S30, S40, S60, S31, S41, S61
Cyrus, CS22, CS24, CS28, CS40, CS45
Sonim, models XP7700, XP6700, XP5700, Smart-Ex 01
Motorola, models LEX F10, LEX L10ig, LEX L10i, LEX L11
Kyocera, models E6810, E6820, E6830, E6782, E6715, E6790, E6790TM
Bittium, model Bittium Tough Mobile
Zebra, models TC20, TC25, TC57, TC75, TC77

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