TRBOnet Communicator

TRBOnet Communicator

TRBOnet Communicator
Texting and File Sharing
The application can be installed on your Android smartphone or tablet. Connected to a portable or mobile radio via Bluetooth, it allows you to use a radio channel for text messaging or file transfer. The software is compatible with DP/DM4000 MOTOTRBO radios including those with a numeric display.

Requirements: DP/DM4000 Series Bluetooth-capable radios, Android 4.4.1 and newer.

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TRBOnet Communicator   TRBOnet Communicator for MOTOTRBO    



New Messaging Interface for Your Radio

An Android smartphone or tablet can be paired with your mobile or portable MOTOTRBO radio to enable text messaging and file sharing to and from radio users in your network. You can send messages to radios and talk groups and share pictures with dispatchers, mobile clients and other TRBOnet Communicator users. The application keeps all the message history. What is important, a MOTOTRBO radio with a numeric display can be used for texting.


The capabilities of the software include:
  • Text messaging and file transfer from and to dispatchers and other TRBOnet Communicator users via a radio channel
  • Delivery status
  • Message history
  • Contacts import from the paired radio
  • Custom contact list
  • Auto-reconnect to radio
  • Signaling and push-notifications
  • Adaptive user interface for smartphones and tablets

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