23 Apr 2019

TRBOnet Watch 3.2

TRBOnet Watch 3.2

We are happy to announce the availability of the new version of TRBOnet Watch.

We have significantly improved performance and stability of Watch to make it work faster with large amount of data. The update features two new reports designed to help you find bottlenecks and capacity issues in your network.

System Overview

This chart helps you understand how busy your system was for a selected period varying from a few minutes to a year or even more. You can easily spot peak times when the system was used at its full capacity, which means that the available radio system might not be sufficient to handle all calls. The graph shows information about the number of channels that were disconnected or busy at any moment within the selected period, in other words, the number of channels that were not available for voice or data traffic. You can drag sliders to change the range and zoom in for a closer look at the system usage information.

Call Interгuptions

You can use this report to identify users’ attempts to interrupt ongoing transmissions and methods that have been used to achieve that, as well as outcomes of these attempts for a period. The report supports IPSC and Capacity Plus systems. It includes information about failed and successful call interruption attempts, as well as the method (Dekey or TX Interrupt) used for interruption.

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