31 Jan 2017

TRBOnet Watch 2.5 update

The Neocom team has released the new version of TRBOnet Watch 2.5.

Support for new systems and modes

  • Capacity Max. On a Capacity Max system with Data Gateway, you are now able to monitor the following types of traffic: Location, Telemetry, Text and Voice.
  • Extended Range Direct Mode for Single Repeater systems
  • Digital Voting for IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus (Single Site) and Linked Capacity Plus (Capacity Plus Multi Site)

New diagrams

  • Activities by Radio. The diagram shows the top 5 busiest radios by the amount or duration of calls and data sessions.
  • All Channels Busy. The improved version of the chart allows you to set a threshold. The system is considered busy if the number of busy channels exceeds a predefined value.

Other features and improvements

  • Connect Plus can now be shown in Live Monitor as a whole system or on a site level for better viewing.
  • Extended Diagnostics displays RDAC values received from all your repeaters; includes RSSI, AC Voltage, Output Power, and VSWR for SLR repeaters.
  • Live Monitor displays the number of ongoing voice calls and data sessions in your network.
  • Optimized RDAC traffic between the Watch server and the radio network.

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