15 Aug 2017

TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2 has been released

We have launched this year's second major release of TRBOnet Enterprise. The new update provides customers with even more tools for efficient communication and asset management.

TRBOnet 5.2 Highlighted Features

  • Support for IP Cameras. TRBOnet 5.2 supports TCP and UDP cameras. The dispatcher console is able to capture live video feed from all of the connected cameras. A camera can be linked to a specific point on a map, a subscriber unit, or an iBeacon transmitter. In the event of alarm from any of these objects, a video stream will be displayed from the associated camera in a separate window.
  • Confirmed Group Text Messages. TRBOnet now has a group text confirmation feature. To use this feature, just select a few users belonging to a specific talk group and send them a text message. When TRBOnet receives delivery confirmations from all the selected users, the message will be considered delivered to this talk group. This feature requires Motorola firmware R2.8 and MNIS.
  • Job Ticketing Update. The Job Ticketing protocol has been updated to utilize data instead of text messages. This protocol change helps to reduce the RF channel loading as the data transactions are more efficient than text messages. Dispatchers now have the ability to cancel or modify a job ticket that has been already assigned to a radio user. New flexible templates have been made available for dispatchers. Lastly, radio subscribers can create job tickets using their handhelds and transmit them to a dispatcher.
  • Support for Wave Mobile Clients (TRBOnet PLUS). You can now use Wave mobile clients with TRBOnet. The 5.2 update provides interoperability for both voice and data traffic.
  • Multiple Audio Interfaces. Dispatchers can now fully control and manage incoming and outgoing voice traffic to and from any audio device. If there are two or more recording and playback devices connected to the dispatcher PC, any of these devices can be independently selected for use depending on the call type or talk group. For example, a headset could be selected and used for all incoming and outgoing phone calls, whereas the desktop microphone and speakers are used for all radio voice calls.
  • Intercom Update. The Intercom feature has been improved so that two or more dispatchers that are connected to the same TRBOnet Server can form a group. Any dispatcher can place an Intercom call to a single dispatcher or now, to a group of dispatchers (Intercom calls are made over IP, hence they do not occupy valuable radio channels).
You can download the trial version here.

Thank you for your continued support!

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