24 Jan 2017

TRBOnet Enterprise/Plus 5.1 Released

Highlighted features

Support for MOTOTRBO 2.7 Firmware, including new features for Capacity Max: Radio Kill, Radio Stun/Revive (Inhibit/Uninhibit), Status Messages, Sign In/Sign Out, Redundancy.

Guard Tour / Route Management. This module has been redesigned to fully support Indoor Location based on iBeacons. Guard Tour allows you to create routes and checkpoints that must be attended in a specific order at certain time intervals. If the radio user, who has been assigned to this route, fails to do so, the dispatcher will receive an alert.

Request To Talk (RTT). When a radio user needs to talk to the dispatcher, who may be busy, he can send a request that is displayed on the dispatcher’s screen as a pop-up message. The dispatcher can ignore it, return the call, or place it in a queue to address later.

Modbus, an industry standard protocol used to connect industrial electronic. TRBOnet Server can now be connected to Modbus-compatible devices to send and receive alerts. A Modbus alert can trigger one or several types of alarms or actions, programmed in the Alarm Management module. TRBOnet Server can be configured to be either a Modbus Master or Modbus Slave.

Support for multiple audio devices. Now you can manage your Select and Unselect channels and route voice traffic to any speakers connected to the dispatcher terminal; this makes it easier for an operator to understand whether the call is from the Select or Unselect channel.

Custom Radio Icons. You can now use your own icons for radio units rather than the standard icons. The custom icons will appear on the radio list, as well as on the GPS map.

Support for a new GSM modem for SMS notifications.

Indoor Location. You can now put iBeacons on the map to track your assets.

Support for ERDM (Extended Range Direct Mode for Single Repeater systems).

For more information about the release please see our newsletter and a short presentation. If you don't want to read them, just watch a video about new features.

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