30 Jan 2024

TRBOnet 6.2 Released

Important: Licenses issued before the release are not compatible with TRBOnet Enterprise | PLUS 6.2

TRBOnet 6.2 is a major release packed with new features and improvements. Here are the highlights:

Revamped Messages

The module has been redesigned for better user experience. You can organize chats in different ways. Pinned chats will stay at the top of the window. Unwanted chats can be archived. The status of an outbound message indicates whether it was delivered successfully.

The module is available in TRBOnet One and PTT Mobile App.

Integration with Teltonika trackers

Trackers can be linked with radio units. Linked devices are displayed as a single icon showing the current online status of both units. You can choose which device should serve as the source for GPS data.

USBD Polling

This release adds Unified Single Block Data (USBD) Polling Service and Location Information Protocol (LIP) to Capacity Max. USBD/LIP in Capacity Max uses the first slot of the control channel and can support up to 100 location updates per minute per site.

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