19 Apr 2022

TRBOnet 6.1 Released

TRBOnet Update 6.1: Highlights

Teltonika Integration

TRBOnet 6.1 can monitor vehicle and personal trackers by Teltonika. These devices are displayed like normal radio units on the map. Supported features: indoor and outdoor tracking, Man Down and emergency alerts, remaining battery life.

Last Known Location

Use the right-click context menu of an iBeacon to view radios that have been last seen at this location. The radio will show on the iBeacon until it detects a new iBeacon.

PTT Mobile App 2.9

* The update adds support for Talkpod and Boxchip devices.
* NFC tags can be added to the map and used for tracking users. When a mobile device detects a tag, it will show on this tag.

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