16 Oct 2019


TRBOnet Enterprise and PLUS 5.4

This is a major release packed with a multitude new features and countless improvements. With a particular focus on TRBOnet One, the new version paves the way for modern and flexible dispatcher applications and further integration of TRBOnet family of products, mobile applications in particular. 

Here are the highlights

Dynamic Group Number Assignment (DGNA)

Capacity Max users who have upgraded their infrastructure to 2.10 System Release can now benefit from this feature by temporarily assigning one or more radio subscribers to a new talk group so they can communicate as one team and work on a specific task.


In addition to existing modules, such as Voice Dispatch and Recording and GPS Tracking, iBeacon-based Indoor Location and Telephone Call Recording are now available.

TRBOnet One

The update brings a bunch of new capabilities to our new console. We're happy to see that TRBOnet One has been well-received by most users and hope that you will enjoy the latest additions to the software.

This list is far from being complete, so we encourage you to read the entire piece available here

IMPORTANT: If you upgrade to 5.4 from a previous version please make sure you have read and understood this. We stand by in case you need any assistance that you can get by dropping us an email at support@trbonet.com.

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