28 Jun 2018

TRBOnet 5.3 Update

While most people enjoy their vacation, we at Neocom Software are working hard on a new version of TRBOnet Enterprise/Plus. This will be a major release that will include quite a few interesting features, including (but not limited to) the following improvements

TRBOnet One

The new console leaves the beta phase. It is now smart enough to work with trunked systems like Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus or Capacity Max. We have added the Location Tracking module and patching. It can be used instead of the regular console.

Android Mobile Client

Numerous improvements here, including longer battery life, file transfer, support for huge delays, to name a few.

Alarm Management and Job Ticketing

New event sources and alarm outputs, templates, reports etc.

Voice Recording for Option Boards

TRBOnet 5.3 will enable the dispatcher to retrieve audio recordings stored on option boards.

The update is scheduled for release towards the end of this summer. No specific date is fixed yet, we will keep you informed.

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