28 Jan 2019

SWIFT Firmware Suite 1.8

New Capabilities for Option Boards

The 1.8 update unlocks new features for option boards. The three best features include Voice Recording for Motorola's Generic Option Boards, Presence Detection and GeoRoaming.

Voice Recording

This is a new purchasable module available for Motorola’s Generic Option Boards (GOB). It allows the recording of all voice traffic to/from a portable or a mobile radio equipped with a GOB. The radio should be programmed to work in the digital mode. Voice recordings can be accessed via TRBOnet Swift CPS software, or by TRBOnet Enterprise or PLUS 5.3.5 or newer over Wi-Fi (available for Enhanced radios with the activated Wi-Fi module only). GOBs can record an estimated 6 hours of voice. The next release of the Swift Firmware Suite will support Voice Recording for our TRBOnet option boards.

Presence Detection*

Today, many vehicles have a keyless ignition system that uses a key fob to start and drive it. Presence Detection for option boards works in a similar way. Each radio can be programmed to work in conjunction with a specific iBeacon. When switched on, the radio will look for an iBeacon with minor and major IDs from the predefined range of ID values. The radio will be blocked if it does not detect such an iBeacon nearby.


This module has been enhanced to allow automatic channel change when the user enters an area. Using TRBOnet Swift CPS you can create a multitude of areas with associated channels. The option board also works with iBeacons: the radio will select the predefined channel as soon as it detects a specific iBeacon. You may also want to have the selected channel ‘locked’ by the option board: if the radio user tries to change it manually, the radio will change it back within a few seconds. This feature is for users traveling between geographically dispersed radio systems where the radio automatically picks the correct channel depending on its location.

* This feature requires TRBOnet Location Tracking license for your option board.

The firmware can be downloaded here

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