4 Nov 2019

SWIFT Firmware Suite 1.8.2

Release Highlights

The 1.8.2 update brings new features and improved performance to A100/200 IP Gateways and option boards.

TETRA Control Stations

The new firmware allows a dispatcher system to connect to TETRA channels via IP Gateways in conjunction with MTM 5400/5500 radios.

VOX-capable Radios

IP Gateways are now compatible with VOX-capable control stations, which enables interoperability between MOTOTRBO networks and legacy radios.

Voice Recording

The previous release supported Voice Recording for Motorola's GOBs. The present update extends this feature to TRBOnet Option Boards (TOB). TOBs can have a storage capacity of up to 256Mb allocated for audio files in contrast to 8Mb available to GOB users, which translates to roughly 200 hours vs 5-6 hours of continuous voice recording respectively.

User Authentication

This is a smart way of keeping track of who has what radios. The technique uses iBeacon transmitters as security tokens. The feature may be beneficial to those who want to prevent or reduce thefts and losses.

Dynamic Channel Selection

The option board selects a predefined radio channel based on its location. The location can be a geofence area or an iBeacon. Roaming radio users will benefit from having their radios automatically select a radio channel when they enter the coverage area of another radio system.

The firmware can be downloaded here.

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