16 Apr 2024

Swift CPS 2.1 Released

SWIFT CPS 2.1: What's New

Interface Changes

  • General report settings have been moved to the Report Profiles tab.
  • Features like Dynamic Channel Selection, Custom Menu, iBeacon Setting, etc. have been moved to the new Modules section.

Report Profiles

  • New report profiles: Enhanced GPS (EGPS) and EGPS CSBK, enabling fast report sending in reserved windows on MOTOTRBO data channels.
  • Reports can be sent automatically when they reach their maximum size.


  • Report capacity for TRBOnet Enterprise | PLUS 6.2 and newer have been increased from 60 to 100 GNSS points.
  • Reports can include RSSI of repeaters and control stations based on RSSI of incoming calls and locations of radios. Before this release, TRBOnet Enteprise | PLUS and Watch could only obtain RSSI of radios received by repeaters. This information can be useful to create coverage maps.
  • The active contact selected on the radio can be added to reports.


  • A new trigger and condition: Capacity Max Site ID.

Option Board Software

  • The welcome screen can be turned off.

Swift IP Gateways

  • New firmware version R05 for Swift A100/A200 in USB mode (for MOTOTRBO control stations in digital mode) allows using serial numbers of A100/A200 for licensing in TRBOnet Enterprise | PLUS and Watch.

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