3 Oct 2017

Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Location Tracking

New Update for Generic Option Boards

If your Mototrbo radio is equipped with the GPS and/or Bluetooth LE module (E-series), you can easily enhance its capabilities by installing an option board with TRBOnet Software. The latest software release includes quite a few exciting features worth mentioning.

1. Efficient iBeacon-based tracking.

Last year we rolled out a Store and Forward solution for GPS tracking, which allows you to get a very detailed report on radios' location history. The same technique is now extended to Indoor tracking based on iBeacons. The option board records all iBeacons the radio user has passed by and send it to TRBOnet Dispatch Console on a schedule.

2. Seamless Tracking.

If your MOTOTRBO radio is both GPS and iBeacon-capable, TRBOnet Software allows for detailed Indoor and Outdoor Tracking with GPS information updated and recorded on the option board every few seconds.

3. Battery Management.

The option board can now read the battery status and send it along with location data to TRBOnet Dispatch Console. Impres batteries pass their battery charge information to the option board in percentage, whereas non-Impres batteries can only send the low battery alert to TRBOnet. The battery status can be viewed in TRBOnet Enteprise and Plus starting with version

For more information on the release please read this leaflet.

The SWIFT software package containing all necessary tools and manuals can be downloaded here.

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