28 Jun 2017

New Success Stories from Down Under

From all of us at Neocom, "Thank you" to our Australia and Oceania regional partners for the tremendous increase in deployments of TRBOnet over the last few years. Today we have published five new case studies related to completely different industries, such as transport and education. There are a few examples of how MOTOTRBO and TRBOnet help businesses and organizations overcome their communication and logistic problems by providing the best possible radio communications solutions.

These examples are in PDF format and can be downloaded from our web page or viewable on the Motorola website

Australasian Safari

University of Canberra 

ComfortDelGro Cabcharge 

Christchurch International Airport

Transdev Australasia 

We cannot stress enough how grateful and appreciative we are to you, our dealers. Thank you for your support!

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