12 Feb 2019

TRBOnet for Dimetra Express

One Solution - Connecting Everything

The core feature of TRBOnet Enterprise 5.3.5 is support for DIMETRA Express. The implication is that you can use the same product to interface to MOTOTRBO, DIMETRA Express and analog systems (via IP Gateways) and patch them, thus creating seamless communication environment.

The update features the following capabilities for DIMETRA Express

  • Any number of dispatcher consoles (see our guide for DIMETRA Express)
  • Group Call Patching between DIMETRA Express and MOTOTRBO or another DIMETRA Express system
  • Voice Dispatch (group calls, private calls)
  • Voice Recording
  • GPS Positioning
  • Text Messages
  • Alarm Management
  • Web Interface
  • Mobile Clients
DIMETRA Express can be added on a PLUS system as well. Please contact us at info@trbonet.com if you have any questions.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so you are most welcome to download TRBOnet Enterprise 5.3.5 from the Downloads section of our web page. Your feedback would be really appreciated.

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