8 Apr 2020


Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. What was thought to be just another kind of flu has a tremendous impact on our everyday life. Many countries are locked down and people are advised to stay at home to reduce the spread of infection. However, some people can't stay at home because they are on the front line of the combat against the COVID. They have to risk their lives to save others.

Like many other companies in the industry, we cannot stress enough how much we appreciate tireless work of healthcare workers and first responders who do their utmost to make this world a safer place. We at Neocom are really keen on making our contribution to the COVID relief. There are thousands of aid organizations worldwide that use two-way radios. What we can do is to help them stay connected in these difficult times. If you represent such an organization based in Europe, Middle East or Africa that uses an existing TRBOnet Dispatch System, you are eligible for 50 PTT mobile apps for up to three months free of charge. Alternatively, you can request a licence for a standalone server with 50 PTT mobile apps on the same conditions. If there is anything else you think we can do for you to better support your needs or your organization is located outside EMEA, please do not hesitate to contact a local dealer or a distributor, and we will figure out the best way to help you.

The world is undergoing drastic changes as the pandemic affects lives of millions of people. We also had to change the way we operate for the time being. To protect our employees we decided to work remotely until the crisis passes. However, essentially nothing has changed for you, as we stick to our normal work hours. You can contact us using our Feedback Form .

Stay safe and healthy and take good care of yourselves and your close ones.

We remain at your disposal,

TRBOnet Team

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