3 Apr 2018

SWIFT Firmware Suite 1.7

SWIFT Firmware 1.7

This is a major update for our SWIFT products, including TRBOnet option boards, Motorola's Generic option boards, IP Gateways A100 & A200 and Mic Adapter M002. An option board can significantly enhance capabilities of your MOTOTRBO portable or mobile radio and help you overcome difficulties connected with data congestion on your radio network. The latest firmware enables you to use a Wi-Fi network to upload the historical route from your radio to TRBOnet Enterprise or Plus. This is a great way to prevent GPS data congestion and keep valuable radio network resources available for communication.

We have added new rules and triggers to the built-in logic of option boards, as well as a new safety feature called Rollover Detection. Commonly used with mobile radios installed in vehicles, the option board detects unusual acceleration and change of the radio's orientation from the upright position, which may mean that the car has toppled over. In the event of a rollover, the option board will immediately notify the dispatcher.

There's good news for all of those who want to deploy a radio system in harsh environments where the direct IP connection between the control room and the radio infrastructure is not feasible, and the system owner is forced to use the satellite link to provide this connectivity. This, in turn, leads to a high latency issue that our IP Gateways can deal with, since the latest firmware allows the latency up to 1800 ms.

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