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TRBOnet Mobile is an application for Android and iOS devices that extends MOTOTRBO to tablets and smartphones. It works like a normal radio and delivers the most important information to the user device
Voice Dispatch, Recording, AVL and more
Comprehensive solutions for all industries and markets


Make money with TRBOnet. Exclusively for hosting & managed service providers.

Use TRBOnet’s award-winning software as part of your service offerings with special licensing exclusively for hosting, managed service and cloud service providers.

With TRBOnet you can focus on your business and we will take care of:

Your systems stability

TRBOnet offers 24/7 monitoring of your MOTOTRBO systems health, stability and performance with TRBOnet Watch. Status updates and reports can be sent via alerts, emails and SNMP notifications. RF Quality Control (RSSI) Map can be generated based on diagnostics data to understand which areas have the best and the worst channel signal.
Hosted TRBOnet architecture has active & passive redundancy which will work 24/7 with minimum outage for clients even during maintenance or failures.

Your clients operations

Clients enjoy all the benefits of an advanced dispatch console tailored to their business requirements and all the features they need:

  • GPS location of each radio unit with the ability to save data  for accessing in in the future
  • Voice and data dispatch that records everything for future investigations
  • Enhanced safety provided by Man Down, No Movement, Crash Detect, Lone Worker and Alarm Management
  • Speed and Geofencing for better route management and assets security
  • Georoaming for automated switching between channels for better connectivity
  • Analytics and reports on the radio usage, tracking and messages for a defined period
  • Indoor location tracking through iBeacon technology

Interaction with mixed environments and technology integration

TRBOnet allows cross patching of existing analog systems into a new digital platform.TRBOnet Telephony and Mobile Client allows the integration of
phones and smartphones into your MOTOTRBO System. All clients will get web access to the TRBOnet software which will minimize the initial investment and allow them to work
from any location and any devices equipped with any modern browser. TRBOnet provides integration with telemetry and industrial equipment with our radio modem the DT500.

Your system resources

The hosting provider has access to the client’s reports for a better understanding of the system load, traffic use and more. This can be used for billing purposes if invoices are generated based on traffic consumption and types of used frequencies.

Your innovations

TRBOnet solutions for hosting makes it possible to apply standard services and those that have been personalized to fit individual clients. The platform is adaptable and allows network managers to quickly tailor features to suit individual client needs and have thesales team in front of the customer sooner.


  • GPS Tracking
  • Indoor Positioning
  • Telephone Interconnect
  • Mobile Client

Supported Devices with the Dedicated PTT Button

Telo, models TE390, TE580, TE590, TELO M5
Cat, models S30, S40, S60, S31, S41, S61
Cyrus, CS22, CS24, CS28, CS40, CS45
Sonim, models XP7700, XP6700, XP5700, Smart-Ex 01
Motorola, models LEX F10, LEX L10ig, LEX L10i, LEX L11
Kyocera, models E6810, E6820, E6830, E6782, E6715, E6790, E6790TM
Bittium, model Bittium Tough Mobile
Zebra, models TC20, TC25, TC57, TC75, TC77

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"TRBOnet is the key to success for our business and the entire Orion network. TRBOnet software is
surprisingly easy to use but at the same time provides a comprehensive feature set suitable for all kinds
of customers, users and managers. No other vendor can perform at the same high level and offer the same
opportunities with MOTOTRBO as TRBOnet can!"

Hamish Duff,
Managing Director of Mastercom, leading radio system integrator in Australia and a founding partner of the Orion Network – largest telecommunications provider in the Australian and New Zealand region.

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