Kairos support information

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Last tested versions:

  • TRBOnet
  • Kairos SW
  • Motorola DP R02.22.03.1001
Currently Supported Features:

  • Voice transmissions.
  • Emergency Alert.
  • Call Alert (Request to talk).
  • Automatic Registration Service (ARS).
  • Location data (GPS).
  • Text messages (TMS).
Currently Not supported features:

  • Remote Monitor (Open Mic).
  • Disable Radio (Stun)\Enable Radio (Revive)\Kill Radio.
  • Telemetry (TLM).
  • Presence in Network request command.
Kairos Software version number
Kairos Software version number - Kairos manager:

Kairos license
Kairos License - Kairos Web Page:

Kairos Serial number
Kairos Serial number - Kairos manager:

KA-VOC2 board status
Kairos Vocoder board status - Kairos manager:

IP Addresses and Ports

Port audio TRBOnet The ports between Kairos and Console must be swapped (TX Kairos -> TRBONet RX and the opposite).

Kairos Configuration
TRBOnet configuration
Voice IP Ports
From Console (RX) = Audio Port KAIROS
To Console (TX) = Audio Port TRBOnet
Data IP Ports
From Console (RX) = Data Port KAIROS
To Console (TX) = Data Port TRBOnet

For Kairos repeater software upgrade please contact Radio Activity support team:

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