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Import Radios list from a file to TRBOnet

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TRBOnet, starting with version 5.2.5, is able to import a list of radios from an Excel file.
See steps below:
    1. Download the Excel file that is attached to this KB article.

    This file contains the 'fields' (parameters) that can be imported to TRBOnet.
    2. Edit the Excel file and fill in the information in cells

    Radio ID - A numerical value between 1 and 16776415 to identify a Subscriber Unit

    Callsign - This is an alphanumeric Alias for a RadioHome Group ID - A numerical value to identify the Group ID that the radio will listen to and transmit

    Yes - GPS Enabled
    No   - GPS Disabled

    Yes  - TMS Enabled;   TMS type - Standard
    No    - TMS Disabled
    MSI  - TMS Enabled;   TMS type - MSI Proprietary
    DMR - TMS Enabled;  TMS type - DMR ETSI standard protocol
    3. In the Dispatch console go to Administration -> Radios -> Registered -> Add MOTOTRBO Radio, select the 'down arrow' for the drop down list and choose Import from file.
    4. In the Import Radios pop-up window, choose Import, and from the Drop down list, select (1) Excel and in Browse window navigate to file with (2) Radios information.
    5. After the radio information has been imported, check that the information for all the radios were added correctly.
    Information on the screen below (IDs, Callsigns, GPS, TMS options) is unable to be changed at this step. Then click the radio button Save.

    Changes to the radio information can be done by going to the Dispatch console Administration -> Radio

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