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How to connect an analog radio

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You can use MOTOTRBO radio or another analog radio as a control station.

1. To connect a MOTOTRBO radio as an analog control station, use a standard accessory cable with audio wires.

2. To connect any other kind of analog radio, you need to use TRBOnet M001 connector.

Read the attached document  TRBOnet_M001_Analog_Radio.pdf in the "Attachment" section  for the connection scheme.
Download virtual COM port driver before install TRBOnet M001 device.
Your can order TRBOnet M001 connector, contact your local TRBOnet dealer or visit  www.trbonet.com for a complete list of dealers in your area.

3. In case you have no TRBOnet M001 connector and want to make one by yourself, you can create a cable connector based on service connector from radio's accessory to computer's RS232 port.

Read the  document RS232_Universal_Connector_schematic_diagramm.pdf in the "Attachment" section to see the principle diagram of the connector.

You can check the connection using TRBOnet.COMPort.Monitor.

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