General SQL Database maintenance advices

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This article provides general advices for SQL Server and Database usage.

SQL server compatibility.
TRBOnet Enterprise\Plus\Watch compatible with MSSQL Server versions starting 2008 R2.
It is advised to use current MS SQL Server releases as they working faster and more optimized.

Database storing
We strongly recommend storing data in the database from 3 months to a year.
Older data should be archived and deleted using the scheduler (refer to the current TRBOnet User Manual Appendix D: Backing up and Restoring Database and Audio Recordings).
Create a schedule for Database cleanup or unified schedule for Backup and cleanup. Database first backed up and then cleared from old data. You will have clear Database and backup of data before clearance.
This is especially true if you are using SQL Express which has a 10Gb database limit. When Database of SQL Express is reaching 10 Gb, TRBOnet will not record new data to it and will not be able to remove old data or take a backup.

Database archives storing
Using the Scheduler you can backup Database and clear it from old data (first the backup is taken, after that the old data is removed from current Database).
Please note that Database archives are stored on the disk drive until deleted manually or by 3rd party software.
You can automate old archives removal with Windows Scheduler task (Backup folder cleanup).
It is required to calculate how often and how old Database archives must be removed based on disk drive size, backup frequency, audit requirements etc.
You must review available space on disk drive, otherwise, if the System (disc C) drive free space depletes, TRBOnet configuration file will corrupt leading to TRBOnet Server configurator loosing all settings.

Database archives access
To not interfere with current TRBOnet server operations you can restore Database archive to access historical data using different computer - download and install TRBOnet on another Computer.

TRBOnet Database upgrade to newer version
Database clear from older data is required to decrease it's size before upgrade. After upgrade Database size may increase due to tables changes in newer versions.
For example in 5.7 version after upgrade Database increases in size for 20% - 30%. If the original Database size is already about 8Gb and SQL Express is in use the Database will not be able to upgrade and may corrupt which will require support team involvement to attempt Database rectification.

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