8 Jun 2017

TRBOnet Enterprise and Plus 5.2 to be released this summer

SUMMER 2017 will see the release of the industry's two major products, TRBOnet Plus (sold and supported by Motorola) and TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2. The new updates will provide customers with even more tools for efficient communication and asset management. We'll mention some of them.

TRBOnet 5.2 Highlighted Features

  • Support for IP Cameras. You can now stream live video from IP cameras connected to your IP network right into the dispatch console. These IP cameras can be linked to a radio or an iBeacon, so in the event of emergency you will see the video coming from the corresponding camera.
  • Job Ticketing Update. The remastered version of this popular module provides users with even more flexibility when creating and assigning tasks.
  • Support for Wave Mobile Clients (TRBOnet PLUS). You can now use Wave mobile clients with TRBOnet. The 5.2 update provides interoperability for both voice and data traffic.

We'll keep you updated on the release dates and new capabilities. Stay tuned!

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